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Your wedding photos are the most important and deserves the best your budget allows - but you also want that little moments where the magic lies in the movement, you want to see what your guests saw and get the magical feel of your day as well. Now you have the chance to build your own unique wedding VIDEOGRAPHY package that fits your budget snugly alongside your photography expenses. 

Step #1

Use our VIDEOGRAPHY PACKAGE BUILDER to customize a package and calculate the costs. Play around with your options until you are happy with your package.

Step #2

Once you have decided what you want complete the QUOTATION REQUEST FORM with the details of your choices in Step #1. 

Please note: 

All basic packages include:

  • TWO videographers
  • Online highlight video with licensed music sound track
  • USB Flash drive with your video

  • 1 Planning session before the wedding.

  • Video backup archive for 3 years


Since we strive to capture every special and intimate moment of your wedding day in order to give you the most striking images or footage, we believe in focusing both our photographers' attention on the project at hand - photography OR videography. We do not want to miss anything and therefor we do not do videography and photography simultaneously. If you choose us for one or the other we will gladly refer you to someone else to cover the rest.

Once availability has been confirmed, bookings are finalised with a 30% deposit and proof of payment. 

Terms and conditions apply.


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